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After a short walk led by Robin, forty-two of us returned to The Star at Matfield on Sunday 3rd December for the pre-Christmas meal and inter-course AGM.
Surrounded by Christmas cracker hats Chairman Neil started the formal Business of the Day by establishing that the minutes of the 2016 AGM had been read and agreed and confirming that the current committee members were all willing to continue but with some roles modified slightly to accommodate the two co-optees, Frank and Andy , who had taken on the important tasks of Parish Pathways and Don’t Lose your Way activities (Frank) and Walks Programme Secretary (Andy). There being no other nominations or suggestions or, wisely, any votes of no confidence there was a unanimous vote in favour for all those standing, including the two previous co-optees. Neil did encourage others present to consider joining the committee.

The presentation of the new Champion Walker or Leaderboard award - for the most ‘dogged’ walker of the past year - went to Dash and was accepted on his behalf by Linda since she’d also walked more miles than anyone else.


It’s early days yet but please note that this year’s AGM will be held on Sunday 2nd December 2018 at the end of our Christmas lunch. The AGM will receive reports and elect a committee for 2018/2019. The venue has yet to be decided but it will be within the borough of Tonbridge & Malling or somewhere nearby. To find the location and exact timing please contact the Chairman after 1st October. Any motions for the AGM should be presented to the Chairman by the end of October 2018 as should any applications for membership of the committee.

Kent Area AGM 2018

This year’s Area AGM will be at Littlebourne Village Hall hosted by the Canterbury group on Saturday 3rd February (see the Area Review for details).

Lost Ways

Work is underway on a project to find lost pathways in Kent as part of a national response (“Don't Lose Your Ways“) by the Ramblers Association to footpath legislation. The legislation broadly means that if a path existed before 1949 and has not been recorded, or is not in the process of being put on the definitive map by 2026, it will be extinguished then and lost forever. "Lost Ways" is Kent's own part of the Ramblers national response.
We have all walked a path that seems to go nowhere or doesn't connect with where we think it should. These paths are potential lost ways.
On behalf of TMRA, I have volunteered to be group co-coordinator for this project. At present, a number of preliminary field surveys are being undertaken, where route anomalies have been identified. The survey will consist of photos, showing what's on the ground, together with anecdotal evidence - for example chatting to local residents, dog walkers and so on - together with information gained from historical and current maps.
When these surveys have been completed the data will be used to determine which of the route anomalies are suitable "Lost Ways Candidates " and therefore will go forward for more in depth research and will form part of the "Candidate Route Dossier".

I will keep TMRA informed as the project progresses. Frank

Important news for dog owners

From April 2016, all dog owners in England and Scotland will have to ensure their dog is micro chipped.

See link for further details: dog micro chipping law Britain


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